Dr. Jonathan Kriener life coach, 12 steps facilitator for people with substance abuse, eating disorders and their families
Dr. Jonathan Krienerlife coach, 12 steps facilitator for people with substance abuse, eating disorders and their families

Are you stuck?

  • Do you binge eat? Or do you excessively try to optimize your body shape through exercise, dieting, medication or plastic surgery without ever reaching a weight and shape you feel comfortable with?
  • Or do you use more alcohol, drugs or medication than seems healthy and than you actually want?
  • Or maybe someone in your family does or did practice one of the above behaviors to an extent that impacts badly on you?
  • Or maybe you are just depressed and desperate? You feel that your life is stuck in a dead end, and you never thought it could have to do with any such disorder of you or one of your relatives?

If you are in such a deep crisis, I might be able to help you and coach you into a way of life that enables you to move away from compulsion and turmoil towards personal freedom and development.

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