Dr. Jonathan Kriener life coach, 12 steps facilitator for people with substance abuse, eating disorders and their families
Dr. Jonathan Krienerlife coach, 12 steps facilitator for people with substance abuse, eating disorders and their families

My offer

My approach to recovery from addictive disorders and the problems that result from them for their relatives leads to a way of life that you can learn through a 12 Steps program (actually 12 Steps & 12 Traditions). The first program of this kind was developed by the Alcoholics Anonymous fellowship in the 1930s. Later on, similar programs were derived from it in order to address the problems of the alcoholics’ family members (Al-Anon), of drug addicts (Narcotics Anonymous), people with eating disorders (Overeaters Anonymous), and more. 

Rergardless if you will ever meet me, you can contact the support group that addresses your problem via the corresponding link above. What, then, could be the benefit of using my offer in addition? According to my experience, there are certain activities through which this program is applied more effectively than through others. Some of these are

  • frequent meeting attendance,
  • working with what is called a sponsor in the framework of these programs,
  • exploring and applying the principles of this program with the help of your sponsor, and
  • being of service to your group.

Basically, you do not need my support in order to do that. However, not in every of these groups will you initially find many members who are aware of the critical importance of these basic tools. My offer, therefore, is to provide you with some guidance in the beginning as to what is key to your recovery at what time, what opportunities are there for these activities in your group, and how you can best integrate them with your daily life. It may well spare you (another) lengthy and costly treatment in an institution, absence from family, work etc. Although my approach mainly relies on my first hand experience in helping people with addiction and eating disorder and their relatives, I do use the standard work for 12-Step Facilitation by Joseph Nowinski and Stuart Baker (2003. The twelve-step facilitation handbook. A systematic approach to early recovery from substance dependence. Center City Minn.: Hazelden), of which you can find a brief summary here.

My counseling takes up to twenty sessions over a period of a few months, starting two times a week and fading out with less frequent conversations that may partly be conducted via phone, skype etc. Our first session is free of charge. It serves us to get mutually acquainted and to see if we agree on the nature of your problem and the ways to address it. If you would like to be accompanied to it by a person you trust, please, do so. For further sessions I might charge fees depending on your income and upon the effect we can agree our collaboration has had on your recovery.

Like in medical and therapeutic treatment, I am, of course, committed to confidentiality about everything we talk. In any case, my counseling is not primarily designed to research your problem or your personality in much detail. It is rather intended to provide you with some guidance as to how you can do that yourself, and where you can find the tools and the peers to support you. For the success of this approach, your nationality, your education, your ideological, political, religious or philosophical convictions, your confessional or ethnic identity and sexual orientation make no difference. 


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